18 January 2016

A little steam


today I have prepared skincare post. This is the cream I have been using at night and recently I incorporated it in my day routine as well. This cream is very natural and has some interested technology hence the name The Steam Cream.

The Steam Cream

It was really popular a couple of years ago and I never understood why. Well, last year my sister was talking about it so I bought it for her for Christmas. They had special set, two creams for the price of one. They are not that cheap so I decided to take it and test one myself. I gave the prettier packaging to my sister so I was left with this rather vintage looking holiday inspired one which doesn't appeal to me to much.

The Steam Cream

I had so many creams already opened so I opened and tried it in warmer months. It has oils in it and my skin is already oily especially in the summer so I didn't like it at all. It was way too greasy but I liked the scent. It has lovely lavender smell to it and that is something I love. I again forgot about it and just recently I rediscovered it and I decided that it is time to use it up since it is a natural product and it will soon go bad.
I'm using it at night when I don't mind greasy face and my skin really likes it. The other day my skin was acting up and it was pretty dry so I applied thin layer all over my face, topped it of with a primer and BB cream and obligatory layer of powder and it was okay. I was so surprised that in the summer when I tried it it didn't worked but now in cooler months my skin loves it.
I would recommend it to everyone with a dry, flakey or dehydrated skin. Yes it is a bit on the expensive side but you need so little at the time and this tin is a bit bigger than your normal face cream, it holds 75 ml of products.

I'm honestly not so sure if I would repurchase at least not in the warmer months when my skin doesn't need such a rich cream. First I will try to use up everything I have and then I will see what works best for me.

Thank you for reading and  have a nice day

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