26 January 2016

Forever repurchased


today I have one of my HG product for you. This oil really helped me get better skin, the kind of skin I deserve. I'm in my mid twenties and I still get attacked by acne. My skin is oily and I easily get blemishes but that is not my worst problem. Even when pimples disappear I'm left with a bright red dot and that sucker stays with me up to two months. I have very pale skin and bright red dots are very visible, it can get really bad and there isn't a concealer that could cover all up. I also don't want to look all caked up in make-up so those bright blemishes are following me for the last 8 years. Well, the situation is slowly calming down, I have changed my life style and all that together helped me improve my skin but I owe big portion to this product.

Melvita Lily oil

This is Lily's oil by Melvita. I'm not saying that it helps get rid of acne, I'm saying it helps me to heal faster my acne scars. If I don't use this, the red dots stay with me at least for two months but if I regularly use Lily's oil (every night after moisturizer) they heal in about a month or three week. It also helped even out my skin tone. Before my face had gazilion shades but now it is more even and I need way less foundation or bb cream to cover, actually now I'm picking products with sheer to medium coverage. That is a big change for me and in my darkest moments I never thought I will get my skin to look that good (I still have a long way to go but compared to what it looked a year ago, I would say there is a huge difference).
This is my third bottle so far. It contains 50 ml and costs around 20 €. It is not the cheapest oil but for what it does I will repurchase it. I often buy it on sale at Melvita store but now they closed down so I will see if the big drugstore will have some sales. I go through a bottle in about 9-10 months, you really don't need much. Just make sure your face is damp or apply cream first and before it completely sink in put oil on top. That way you will use less oil and it will disperse more even.
I only have a small rant about the packaging. My first two bottles both had a broken pump. The first one was leaking and I was loosing product so I pour it into a different bottle and the pump on the second bottle simply didn't work. I tried this one and thankfully this one works.
Anyway, I will continue buying this oil because it is the best I have ever tried for my acne scars. If you are suffering as well I would highly recommend trying it out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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