19 January 2016

Translucent powder


I have started using different mattifying powder. For a couple of years I have been using the Essence one and I just thought it is time to switch things up and maybe try something new.

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder in Transparent

This is SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder in Transparent. The packaging is quite big and bulky so it is not convenient for traveling but do you travel around with loose powder? I usually don't so for that I still have the pressed Essence one. Inside you get a big puff which you use to blot. I prefer to use the brush but I will still keep the fluff since it prevents the powder flying around.

SkinFood Buckwheat Loose Powder in Transparent

I got myself a transparent version but there are three others to choose from. Two skin colored and a lavender one for brightening effect. So far I like the product but I don't think it is anything special or better than the one I tried. I have to mention that it is very scented, if you like the baby powder scent, well this smells exactly like it. I haven't noticed any breakouts so I think it should be fine.

I think it is a nice product but I tend to go more towards the pressed versions so I don't think I will repurchase. I will continue using it and I will see how long it takes me to finish it because it contains 23 g and the Essence one only 8 g.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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