13 January 2016

Avon lipsticks


I really took my time with these two lipsticks. I wanted to see if they have the same formula as the rest of the lipsticks from this range since these two are part of the Autumn limited edition.

Avon Ultra Color Tempered and Romance

They are Avon Ultra Color lipsticks. They come in the standard black packaging except the foil in which they are wrapped is slightly different but other than that they are just like the rest. They came out with 6 new shades and after I checked the swatches online I decided only on these two and I'm in love.

Avon Ultra Color Tempered

This peachy one is called Tempered. It looks like there is some shimmer but on the lips you can't detect it. On the lips this one looks a bit brighter that in the tube and that sets it apart from some other peachy lipstick I have.

Avon Ultra Color Romance

This one is Romance. It is indeed very romantic dusty rose shade and on the lips it looks light and delicate. On the swatch it looks  a bit brown but on the lips it doesn't.

Avon Ultra Color Tempered and Romance

This line is one of my favorites. All of the lipsticks are so creamy and moisturising, no matter if my lips are dry and chapped when I apply them it smooths and softens the skin like a lip balm would. The colors that I picked out are soft and neutral, just perfect for me.
Avon lipsticks rarely disappoints me but lipsticks from their core line have always been amazing and my favorite. When I will use up some or if they will come out with more shades I will be the first to pick them out and try.

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