09 January 2016

more Catrice stuff


I'm so excited today. I found some more Catrice products. I went to the grocery store and casually I stopped at the  drugstore to see what's new. I don't remember anything from it all I know is that I saw the Absolute nude palette and the two eye shadows that I also wanted.

Catrice Absolute nude palette, New in Brown & Ooops...nude did it again!

The palette doesn't need any introduction, I believe everyone is already familiar with it.
I also caught the Ooops...nude did it again! and the more brown one is called New in brown (I think it will be great for the crease). Unfortunately the bronzers/blushes I was looking for were gone already so I will accept it. After all I got everything for the eyes I wanted, in total that is 10 eye shadows. I think I have more than enough for now.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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