04 December 2015

Essence advent calendar III


today I have another nail polish from the Essence calendar for you. This time it is top coat and when I saw it I wasn't impressed but seeing it on my nails it isn't that bad. Next time I will try it over darker base.

Essence Made with Love and Snowflakes are kisses sent from Heaven

This is how Essence Snowflakes are kisses sent from Heaven (wow, such a long name) top coat looks over shown yesterday polish Made with Love. I like the fact that glitters kind of get lost over light base, it looks more delicate and not so obvious.

Essence Snowflakes are kisses sent from Heaven

This is the picture of the bottle, I know it is not the best but it is hard to show something white mixed with milky base. This polish consists of white bar and hexagonal glitter plus there are some holographic glitters thrown in the mix but they are so sparse that you can barely see them once it is applied on the nail.

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