13 December 2015

Comparison of the two eye shadows


today I decided for something more colorful. It has been a while since I posted something eye related.
I wanted to show you my favorite and the most recently bought golden eye shadow.

Alverde mono eye shadow in Elegant Beige & ARTDECO long-wear eye shadow Satin Gold

In the round green pan there is Alverde mono eye shadow in Elegant Beige. The finish is sateen and almost metallic looking. The color itself is neutral almost cool looking.

The second one is ARTDECO long-wear eye shadow Satin Gold from the limited edition called Art Couture. I like the slightly more shimmery finish but the shade is not my favorite. To me it is a smidge too yellow.

My eyes are grey/blue and I like the contrast that the golden eye shadow gives. It adds more dimension and warmth to my cooler eye color.

For me the Alverde one is the winner. I love the buttery soft texture and the color. The other day I wanted to check which colors they also have and noticed that they already discontinued this beauty and other shades that they offer didn't really got my attention (thank God because I really  don't need more shadows).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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