15 December 2015

lavender, cedar and orange


in the title I left you a little hint of the product I'm going to talk about today. It is a crucial product especially now in the winter time when our hands get severely dehydrated and skin started to crack. To prevent all that we have to use hand creams, good ones and today I will introduce you one of my favorites.

Krasna hand cream

This is Krasna hand cream. It contains lavender, cedar and orange among other ingredients  but these three also give the scent. To me it is a lovely mix. One of my all time favorite scents is lavender (all of the Krasna products include it, that is the reason I love this brand so much) but here they mixed it with cedar and it comes off refreshing. It reminde me of home because we have cedar trees around our house but also the cedar scent is typical for Mediterranean where we spent our summer holidays. At the end you get a hint of orange which warms the scent and makes it more winter appropriate.
The texture is lightweight and it absorbs fast. The skin is not left greasy but soft and nourished.
This bottle contains 100 ml and costs around 10€. It is not cheap but if I take in observation just how much I love the scent and that it really helps my skin. When I do the math it pays off and I will definitely repurchased it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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