20 December 2015

Magical Tea Tree


I decided for today to post something completely different. I don't want to bore you to death with nail polish and also I don't change it every day. I haven't posted anything acne related jet and today is the day.
I don't have nice skin and it all started when I moved to the capital and started with college. Now it is calming down and I have to admit there are several different products and diet involved but today I will talk about tea tree. People were always suggesting me to start using products with tea tree but I couldn't find any in the drugstore (I'm getting blind). A month or two ago I decided that now it is the time to finally find something and start using. I came across with these two products.

Alkmene tea tree toner

This is Alkmene tea tree toner. I found it in the local drugstore and it has typical scent which doesn't bother me. I pour a little on the cotton pad and pat in on problematic areas. I can do it in the morning and night. I noticed that acne started to clear up faster and now when I feel something is starting to grow I soak it with this toner and it calms my skin.

A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil

The second product I swear by is this A'pieu Nonco tea tree oil. I take a drop or two and apply it on top of my night cream. In conjunction with the toner it really helps. I feel that the oily consistency stays on the skin longer and fights with 'monsters' overnight.

I'm glad that I finally picked something out and that my skin responds so well to it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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