26 March 2022

Cream-y Gold


I thought I will have a little sparkle today since it is such a lovely sunny day outside.

On the picture is Pixi by Petra highlighter in the shade Cream-y Gold. It is very golden indeed.

The lid twists away and reveals super shimmery golden highlighter which does look a bit creamy but it is not, it is powder.

Here it is a heavy swatch made just with finger with no base underneath. If I would want to wear it as an eye shadow it cold look like this, to me it resembles a molten gold. So shiny and almost metallic looking but if I use it with a brush on my cheekbones it looks more 'subtle' as seen below.

Here I managed to snap a photo of it on the sun (I applied it with my highlighter brush on bare skin) and it shows just how sparkling it is. If that is your thing then I can't recommend it enough but for me unfortunately isn't. I don't mind a little sparkle but this is too much. For a while I was playing with this idea to use it all over my body in the Summertime... but the thing is, I avoid any sparkly lotions because I don't like glitter all over my clothes... I couldn't find a good way to repurpose this highlighter so I will pass it to my sister and she can play with it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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