05 October 2016

e-bay package


a little surprise waited for me at the post office today. I ordered two BB creams one month ago and they finally arrived. One is a true favorite of mine, the other one I haven't tried yet but I had to order it since they traveled from so far and they would get bored if they would be trapped in a box alone, right?

They are both Holika Holika Petit BB creams. First is Aqua with SPF 25 and is new to me, I hope it will suit my skin. The other one, in a blue packaging is Clearing with higher sun protection, SPF 30, and I have been using it non stop since I purchased the first tube and I knew I needed a backup before it runs out.

In the next days I will try to replace Clearing with the Aqua to see if it is also that good or maybe even better.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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