18 October 2016

Project polish


I'm really on a roll when it comes to nail polishes. This month I emptied two more bottles and that means 19 bottles less in my collection (I did purchase some but not that many this year).

First is H&M Dark Purple in a tiny bottle. I absolutely love this medium, cream color. It was dark and vibrant at the same time and if I could repurchase it I definitely would. Now I'm on a hunt to find similar shade.

Next to it is Essence Very Cherry from the Fruity limited edition. I still don't know why I picked up this shade because peach is not my favorite color to wear on my nails but I did liked the little pink dots which added some dimension and honestly, they were the reason why I didn't pass it on to someone else.

I now have three more bottles to finish till the end of the year and I have a felling it won't be too hard.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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