28 October 2016

Glow, just glow


I recently got and bought a lot of new things and it is hard to start testing everything out, talk about first world problems ;)

From Avon I purchased Glow bronzing pearls in the shade Glow. It comes in the same type packaging as the limited edition shade Warm Coral.

This one also contains three different colored pearls. I suppose you can use them separately but it is easier and more enjoyable to swirl my brush in there and apply the mix of colors directly on my face.

First is a highlighting shade and it is pretty yellow and shimmery, not as much as it is in the Warm Coral box but still.
Next shade is very coral toned and I think it would make a lovely blush color, it is also a little shimmery and not a flat matte shade.
The last swatch was made with the darkest pearl and it is very warm, terracotta brown which is matte.

The last stripe is made with all three colors mixed together. I did swatch it a bit bolder so you can see better but on the cheeks I tried to blend it out. I think the color is nice if your skin is medium with a warm undertone but I'm a fair lady and it does not suit me. I tried to use only a tad on my cheeks and blend it out but it didn't work, I looked like I got sunburned and it remembered me how I got a massive sun burn on my face a couple of years ago and the memory is't pleasant. 

My affection over pearl cheek products is definitely growing but unfortunately I can't cope with this particular product because of the color mismatch but if your skin tone is darker and you enjoy trying new products I would really recommend trying this one.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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