01 October 2016

41. NOTD


today was such a lovely day and my manicure didn't match it. You know those days when you get a significant tip wear or maybe a chip here or there but you are not going anywhere so no one will see it? Well, that happened to me and since I'm a lazy person I almost didn't do anything but I feel strongly motivated by my project polish plan so I changed my nail varnish and now my tips look much better.

Essence nail polish from the Fruity LE, named Very Cherry. I still don't know why I didn't pick the pink version because I don't care for peach on my nails.

It is a light peach color with tons of pink 'dots' in it. I wouldn't call them shimmer because they don't shine, they are not sparkly. To me they look like a seed from an actual fruit, maybe not exactly cherry but something peachy with small seeds.

I used three coats because with two some bald patches are seen and I don't like that but three coats are a good thing with this type of polish because 'dots' looks layered and more dimensional with more coats.

I like the idea just the base color isn't my favorite.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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