03 October 2016

Beautiful Butterfly


this year I'm flying through my body lotions. Almost every month I clear two bottles out of my large collection. I don't even know how I manged to collect so many. Around two weeks ago I started to use something new and it makes me sad that the tube is getting lighter and lighter.

Avon Beautiful Butterfly is the name of my current lotion. I know it is already a discontinued product (there is also perfume and deodorant available in the same scent) but sometimes I can still find it on sale pages. The texture of this moisturizer absorbs fast and it is so pleasantly scented that I want the perfume in the same scent. The scent alone is very fresh and I can detect some fruity notes without being too heavy. On my skin it kind of smells like I just got out of the shower and put some just washed clothes on. It reminds me of Spring when everything is in bloom and the air carries warmth and blossoms of thousands of cherry trees. The best thing about it is when I wake up in the morning and my skin still smells like it.

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