31 October 2016



and welcome to the second part of my empties. On most of these items I have been working on for a longer period of time and it just happened that I used them up all at once.

I don't think I used up any hand creams recently so it was nice to see this one go. My hands are getting more dry so I will maybe use one or two more till the end of the year. This baby sized one is from LCN and it is named Nederland. It was also scented, they described it as a fresh ocean scent but it wasn't so obvious. The texture was light enough and fast absorbing if I applied a little at the time. It will be missed but I'm not sure where I can get it (I still haven't checked if LCN hand creams are available in my country). If I can find it I would repurchase it.

Next, there is a see through bottle from Krasna and this is their face cream. It had lovely lavender scent and great packaging, that is bottle with a pump. One pump was enough to cover my face and neck with it. In warmer months it was a little heavy so I used it only at night but now I can use it also in the morning but slightly less than a whole pump. At first it feels a bit oily but it sinks in, I don't know what kind of magic did they use but I haven't seen formula like that before. Beside moisturizing it also manged to calm down my skin and I really appreciate that but I don't know if I would repurchase it. I found great night and day cream for much less. Maybe I would get it next year in Autumn if I will get my hands on some discount coupons.

In the background there is Etude House Royal honey sheet mask. This time I only used one and I liked it. I don't know if I can properly judge it after one use only but my experience was nice. First, it smells like acacia blooming tree (in the back of our family house there is a big acacia tree so this remind me of my youth) which is divine on its own but there is enough liquid left in the packaging, after I took the mask out, that I used it on my face as a serum for the next week. I think you get much more than just one sheet mask in one pack so I'm excited to use the other two that I have left.

On this Avon Skin so soft enhance & glow body lotion I won't loose too many words since I already talked about here. It was tinted and shimmery lotion (not a self tanner) which was supposed to give your skin a nice glow but I am slightly too fair so I had to use it very sparingly. I was using it in the Summer but since I used so little I managed to completely use it up only now in October. I think this is still available but I won't buy it again.

Second to last is little round pot with red cap and it is Avon extra lasting cream eye shadow in Totally Taupe. I posted swatches and everything here. I loved the rather unusual color but mostly I liked that it stayed put without a primer and I have extremely oily lids. For me this is a little hero in a pot but before I used it up it dried and it was beyond repairable. I don't know if Avon still makes these, I know they released five new shades in Summer but they come with a black cap (not under extra lasting line) and they just came out with six metal inspired colors which didn't really caught my eye.

The last item is from Essence and it is their Stay with me line of glosses. They are already discontinued but the formula was superb, great scent and taste, super glossy and they manged to stay on my lip for longer than any other gloss. I have yet to find some similar glosses in their current range. My used up shade was called Pretty Witty and it was very pigmented raspberry shade, it wasn't my favorite because such bold colors are hard to maintain but I used it around the house or if I had some short errands to do. I would definitely buy some everyday shades if this line would still be available.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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