13 October 2016

Oriental Beauty


days are getting cooler and I feel like wearing bronzer. Is bronzer exclusive to Summer? Or we can play with it when the Sun isn't warming us? I think we can wear it no matter the season, it depends what kind of make-up we are wearing and how we feel like, right? I don't always feel like a blushing doll but would rather relax somewhere by the pool with a fresh lemonade. Make-up makes me feel like myself even if I don't look like me.

A while ago Essence came out with this lovely LE Lights of Orient, which completely went by me. I only saw two bronzers on a dusty shelf. The lighter version seen better days since it was smashed into loose powder so I decided to adopt the darker color named Oriental Beauty.

Brown bronzer shade is matte and in the middle is a beautiful golden highlighter which you can mix together or use separately. I like the given option even though I always mix them together just because I'm not into matte textures.

First stripe is matte bronzer alone and you can see how dark it is against my pale hand. Middle streak is a beautiful but not overly shimmery highlighter and the last swatch is a mix and I personally think it is a very beautiful shade with just enough glow, however it is still a bit dark and I have to be super careful and my blending game has to be strong in order to disguise all the possible lines also not to forget about the perfect light. I don't want to get out on a broad daylight to see my cheeks reminiscent toasted brown shade.
Packaging is simple and effective (just how I like it) and it is great that they had some other skin tones in mind, I can only blame myself for purchasing the wrong shade for my complexion but my middle name is Superwoman and somehow I managed to make it work. Like I mentioned I am super careful and rather use a tiny amount and blend it out nicely. It also makes a great crease shade for my eyes or if I feel like I can use it all over my lid, that is multitasking at its best.

So, underline this is a wonderful product I just got the wrong shade but Essence makes great products and bronzers are among them. My favorite is still my first one which sadly got discontinued but I'm sure they will soon come out with something similar and just as awesome.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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