02 November 2016

Essence: Glitter in the air, preview


I recently got this very interesting preview from Essence. I like to post the most interesting LE, well, at least the ones that interest me the most. This collection spoke to me even though there are a lot of items that don't interest me but the ones that caught my eye...

metallic eye shadow
The cream eye shadows, which can be easily applied with the fingers and blended, provide a highly metallic finish. Available in 01 dream on !, 02 smile! You're beautiful and 03 mirror, mirror on the wall.

2 in 1 metallic eye liner
The duo pens which allows you to create party styles and more subtle looks in the colors green, plum or rose gold. Available in 01 be the jewel on my crown! and 02 be the twinkle in my eye!

eye brow pen pomade
Thanks to the waxy texture the pen easily fills in eyebrows. The universal color suits many shades of brown. Available in 01 make your brow wow!

velvet lipstick
The lipstick tip is diamond shaped and creates silky-matte lips in dark plum or soft rosewood. Available in 01 life is too short for boring lipstick and 02 can't buy love, but lipstick.

one for all shimmer drops
Thanks to the shimmer drops the face and body can shine with a touch of gold. They can be worn alone or mixed with other foundation / day cream / body lotion. Available in 01 a little shimmer never hurts.

strobing blush and highlighter powder
Light-reflecting pigments of the baked powder highlight accentuate the higher points of the face and give a nice glow. Available in 01 when in doubt, add glitter.

strobing brush
The ergonomic heart shape adapts to any face and is ideal for applying blush and highlighter. Available in 01 leave sparkles wherever you go!.

nail polish
The effect paints the nails for the next party perfect scene! Available in 01 hey gorgeous!, 02 live.love.shine!, 03 too glam to give a damn and 04 born to sparkle.

nail polish remover
This nail polish remover is even better than the regular formula, thanks to an innovative gel formulation. Available in 01 a new manicure is a new beginning.

Essence isn't afraid of colors or shimmers and this LE is not an exception. They will offer different products mostly in various green and pink shades with lots of glow and glitter. At the end of the year a lot of people gets bolder and not just in make-up department, it is the end of an era and there is still so much to do. It is time when we toss our safety blankets and allow ourselves to fly, glitter and unusual colors reflect our carefree spirit and shows the world that we don't take ourselves too seriously. 
I will try to get my hands on some glow providing products (shimmer drops, metallic eye shadows, blush).

Thank you for reading and have a  nice day

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