11 November 2016

Pink Watermelon


are you a fan of Avon? I know I am. My mom has been with them since I was in elementary and I remember bringing catalogs with me and selling stuff to my friends and teachers ;) It was the first make-up that I started with and being with the brand for so long I know what works for me and I simply can't miss any new releases (soon they will come out with new lipsticks which reminds me of a line they used to have, but we will have to wait a little).

This baby is not new by any means but I thought some people might appreciate some swatches. It is Avon ultra glazewear lip gloss in the shade Pink Watermelon.

It is very pigmented, hot but on the cooler side pink.

Not to forget about the excessive shimmer in different colors, so it sparkles like crazy. It is definitely not for the shy. Me? Yes, I am shy and not adventurous at all but I didn't return it when I had the chance. I wanted to get a bit bolder and did I? Well, I have this gloss for two years and I haven't used not even a quarter of it. You decide.

My goal is to use it or toss it by the end of next year, I will try to pair it with lighter lipsticks to tone down the color a bit and sometimes I will just put my brave hat on and wing it.

The formula is the same as it is with other ultra glazewear glosses. It feels light and not sticky, it lasts for about two hours at least on me and it leaves my lips moisturized. I can't complain it's just the overload of shimmer and it is the wrong color for me.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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