14 November 2016

restocking with Avon


this past Avon catalog had me at hello. My list was getting longer and longer but my finances couldn't back it up so I had to reduce to a reasonable amount. I still went overboard but I think I did good.

I'm stuck with Skin 79 eye cream, I don't want to toss it away so I will use it once or twice a week but I had to buy new eye cream to use on most days. There was a nice deal within Anew line but I had to get two items and I decided to get two eye creams. Top one is from Nutri-advance line and the other one is Reversalist with dual system (I already had this one in the past and I remember I liked it). In the pot there is a cream and on top is a peachy/salmon toned reflective cream which works as a concealer.
In the clearskin tube is pore penetrating gel cleanser, I'm about to finish my current face wash and I still have two other bottles but this one was so inexpensive and anything appropriate for acne prone skin screams my name so I had to have it.
The last item is Naturals radiance rose toner. I had one of the Naturals toners which I loved but they discontinued it rather fast and I'm still looking for alternative, this one convinced me with a lovely rose scent and rose extracts make wonders on my sensitive skin. I will report back if this one will be as affective as I hope it will be.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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