29 November 2016

Project polish


I think this will be the last project polish post for this year. Counting the bottle below, I have managed to use up 20 nail varnishes (not counting clear base and top coats) and I honestly think that is a lot since I can't remember when was the last time I used one before this year.

So, this is Essence LE Blossoms etc... varnish in the shade Forget me not. It had 7 ml of product and I have to admit it was one of my favorite colors but I had to use it up because the formula started to change and I wanted to enjoy in it while it lasted. I dedicated to it the whole post and if you are interested you can check it here.
I'm keeping the bottle for a little while and I will try to find something similar because I really loved this bright blue shade.

I decided to use up as many nail polishes this year as possible because I have way too many. When I started I didn't really know how many I will clear out so I picked 10 bottles and when I used one or two I replaced them with a new color. I didn't expect to love this project so much, I thought I will get bored soon but I didn't. I loved it so much that I decided to continue/start over next year. I already picked 10 'new' bottles which I will start panning and I will also keep the empty bottles so I at the end of the year I will have better perspective on what I achieved.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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