27 November 2016

Winterberry and Shea


these cooler days are perfect for some pampering or if you are short on time just do the regular routine and toss something luxurious or scented in.

I have been moisturizing my body with this Avon naturals shimmering lotion with Winterberry and Shea. There is another scent available, Warm Spice and Vanilla which is also great.

The lotion has two shades and you don't have to worry about it, when you squeeze the tube, both come out evenly with lots of golden shimmer. I normally don't like sparkle but this scent is so captivating that I had to buy backup of it, in fact this is my second tube of it already.
It has warmth to it derived from Shea butter but also a lot of fresh berries and this combo makes it a little unusual and very interesting. I don't think I smelled anything similar before so it is unique enough to justify purchasing some more.

When spread it does have a bit of a pink tone but it sinks in and doesn't leave skin tinted, the shimmer stays there and it transfer onto clothes as well, so if you don't like that then stay away from it but if you have the chance to sniff it I would say give it a go and maybe you will fell in love.
After using it for two to three weeks now my PJ and sheets already smell like this and make my sleep even more enjoyable.

On the two photos above I hope you can see the sparkle, the cream has completely sunk in but the skin is left glowing.

I'm so happy that they came back with them because they are Winter exclusive scents and I bought mine last year already but they are back but probably not for too long.
I used one tube of the Winter Spice and Vanilla and I did liked it but it wasn't anything special. The main and only scent that I could pick up was Vanilla and I can get the same scent in other lotions and I can avoid shimmer but with this scent I just can't. It is a rare, special scent that I like very much and the shimmer just doesn't bother me that much and probably I will repurchase it after I'm done with this and the backup tube.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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