19 November 2016

Petit Aqua


I know I have been absent for a while and I can only hope I will get better, I will try. For today I prepared one of my newest BB creams. These Holika Holika Petit BB's are so inexpensive and so good, its unbelievable.

So, this is Holika Holika Petit Aqua which comes in light, grass green tube with an SPF 25.

To better show the color I swatched it alongside with two other BB creams. The first one is super popular Missha perfect cover in the lightest shade no. 13 and the last one is another Holika Holika Petit but in the Clearing version, they only come in one shade.

They are applied in the same order, Missha is first and the lightest, the coverage is not the best but it is light enough for me. Second is today's star HH Aqua which is a little dark at first and with a rather neutral undertone. The coverage is very good and it dries to an almost matte finish which is rare for Asian market. To make it work I have to mix it with something lighter and yellow toned to match me. The last swatch is made with it's sister Clearing, it is much more yellow toned, the coverage is similar, medium to high but it doesn't dry so matte.

I ended up really liking it but it is a bummer that it is not a bit more yellow toned but that still doesn't stop me from using it. I'm mixing it with something else and get a pretty close match. Now I already own three out of the five tubes from revamped Petit line and eventually I want to try all of them. For the price you really get a lot. I'm impressed.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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