04 November 2016

It is called Beaver


my sister recently bought me some eye shadows and she has such good taste, at least for me. We have very similar taste in eye shadows, so when she gets me something I instantly know I will like it.

I got this Kiko Matte Beaver Brown shadow in round pot. I like the name (every time I use it I imagine little furry beavers ;) and the shade.

It is brown but cool toned, something that I don't have in my collection and the finish is properly matte as the name suggests.

Here is a swatch on my hand. This shadow is very poorly pigmented (I used primer to get this opacity) and I get that some people don't like that. I find this shade to be perfect for my crease and I prefer to slowly build color and avoid 'I got punched in the eye' effect. Big fluffy brush picks a little product at the time but I get a lot of control in return.
I love this shade and if it would have more color payoff I wouldn't like it that much. For me it is perfect and I have to thank my sister one more time for pick this beaver   ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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