15 November 2016



these empties are a little more empty this time but on some of the items I have been working for a really long time so I'm really happy to finaly see them here.

The big pot is Balea hazelnut body butter. I already dedicated the whole post to it here. As I predicted I almost got sick of the scent while using it at the beginning of the year so I simply stopped using it. When the weather got cooler I decided to use it again and I loved it but probably I won't repurchase it again because I still have around 30 pots/tubes/bottles of body moisturizers that I have to go through.

The next pot is Melvita Shea butter with argan oil. I used it on dryer parts of my body, especially around the eyes (only at night) and around the nose. I liked it, especially because it had lemon grass scent even though they don't name it. I think Melvita discontinued it but I can find some Shea butter from other brands for less.

 Fuchsia Fever, Garnet Shimmer &  Rosey Gold

First lipstick is from Avon color rich moisture seduction line (I had to google it because it is so old I couldn't remember) in the shade Fuchsia Fever, which is as the name suggests bright fuchsia pink with a cream finish. I find this lipstick very moisturizing and super pigmented, if they would still be around I would pick some more shades, preferably in more toned down colors. When it was still full it looked really nice because the balm wasn't completely mixed in but it created swirling/marble effect but it was still very pigmented. I liked everything about it except I got over the color, I'm just not into brights anymore but I wore this one as a stain which made the progress  really slow but now I finally came to an end.

Next is also Avon color rich moisture seduction lipstick Garnet Shimmer but only a sample size. It is a warm red shade with golden shimmer. I liked this shade better than the Fuchsia Fever but I disliked the overload of shimmer. I didn't used it up completely because I detected some weird plasticky scent and I thought that it just isn't worth it.

The last lipstick sample belong to Avon 24k gold line and mine is in the shade Rosey Gold. I honestly don't even remember when they discontinued this line so you know that this is old but the color looks nice. It is the last swatch and this shade is fabulous and unique. The color on my lips looked slightly peachy with this beautiful golden sheen, not a frost. I wish they would came back with this line or finish because I would get some full sized lipsticks.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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