21 November 2016

Citrus and Verbena cooling deodorant


my sister is constantly looking for a more natural alternative to usual deodorants and so far they all broke her out or didn't work at all. She had high hopes for this one but after a week or two it started to irritate her skin so she asked me if I want to try it. I said sure, wiped the top layer and start using it.

It is L'occitane Citrus Verbena cooling deodorant without alcohol or aluminum salts. It comes in a twist up packaging and the product is very soft and you can feel how it melts into your skin once it touches it.
It holds standard 50 g of product.

It contains an organic Verbena extracts from Corsica and Lemon oil from Sicily (if you were interested where they get their ingredients). I can testify that the scent really is gorgeous. It is citrus-y fresh but at the same time you can get warmer, flowery notes from Verbena. I haven't test it in the most 'problematic' months such as Summer but so far it works for me. I try to exercise every day and my armpit stay relatively fresh which is a big plus and even bigger one is that I'm using it for almost a full month and I don't have any bad reaction to it. Apparently my skin there isn't as sensitive as my sisters is.

So to conclude, I love the scent, it keeps me fresh, it doesn't irritate my skin... you would thought that I found my perfect deodorant, right? Did you checked the price tag? It costs 16,80 €. I don't know about you but for me money still doesn't grow on trees and I don't know what I will do after I finish it up, I guess we will see.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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