23 November 2016

Flirty Fall


I have been contacted by lovely people at Adore Me to do a favorites for fall #flirtyfallflatlay (thank you for a great idea for a post). Since they are a lingerie company with gorgeous pieces I included one of my special undergarments but I spiced it up with some of my favorite lip products.

If you go on their page you can take a quiz to determine your style but even if you have everything settled down, it is fun to do it and it is a must to take a look at their Pinterest page because it is full of inspiration.
I mostly wear comfortable pieces, cotton any some microfibre for no lines, the most simple and basic pieces. I put function and comfort before anything else but I do have some special pieces like the lacy balconette bra on the photo above. Whenever I wear it it boosts up my confidence, it makes me feel powerful like I can conquer the world. For some people shoes makes them feel that way but for me it is a powerful lip, flirty lashes and nice underwear. I never flash it because I wear it for myself, for my pleasure and joy.

I included this Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick in the shade Kiss me if you can (already discontinued), I had a feeling that I'm gonna love this shade so I bought one backup but this little numb is the first tube and I still love it. This color looks so good on me, quite close to perfection but it does have some little silver shimmer but on the lips it isn't so obvious so I'm okay with it. On the swatch photo you will see that it is barely there.

The gloss is from Avon ultra glazewear absolute line in the Renewing Rose shade which is one of my all time favorites glosses. I love the cushion-y almost balm like texture with a lot of shine and nice color payoff, the color is shimmer free and this particular mauve color is perfect for me. There is just a little bit left in the tube and it will soon be gone so I have to get a new tube.

Here I swatched the gloss first and lipstick afterwards. I sometimes wear them separately but often I layer them and I get a lovely natural looking pink lip with a glossy moisturizing feeling.

So, thank you Adore Me for this invitation to participate in the#flirtyfallflatlay and your good work to empower ladies all over the world with designer looking undergarments.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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