20 September 2023



this month seems like I'm focusing on pink products. I have not used much but at least there is progress in using up my products.

First is Nivea hair milk natural shine mild conditioner. I absolutely love this item, it is creamy so it doesn't drip down my back and it seems like it does its magic very quickly. I usually put it into my hair and then shave which doesn't take long and then just rinse (I have it in for two to three minutes max) and the next day my hair are softer and silkier just how I like them. I started to use a different conditioner and don't quite have a feeling for it but this Nivea is so inexpensive that I can see myself repurchasing it again in the future.

The other two products are Shiseido Ginza shower cream and body lotion which I bought together with the fragrance. The scent represent juicy Pomegranate and a bouquet of flowers (I could swear that there is Peony in it), it smells perfect on a warm Spring day after a little rain. It gives me happy thoughts and to me it is also very calming. I took these two tubes with me on a vacation and I did enjoy them very much. The fragrance is still in my possession and I will continue using it with joy.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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