31 August 2023



it is time to do the empties and again I have not finished up whole lot, just a few necessities. 

Rituals The Ritual of Ayurveda hand balm is supposed to be scented with almond oil and Indian rose. To me it smells very nice, creamy and comforting, lovely to go to bed to. I was using it after washing my hands daily but also at night time before going to bed I put it all over my arms and upper body for the scent alone. It had such a nice light texture and the scent was my favourite part.

I also finished up a bottle of perfume which is Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin up in the limited edition bottle. It held 50 ml and I already have a regular larger bottle of it. It is a sweet orange blossom scent which opens up a bit bitter (not my favourite part but manageable). After an hour or so of wearing it it gets more airy and slightly fresher so wearing it in the summer it doesn't feel like too much. I still very much love this scent so I'm glad to have a backup but before using the new one I will give a chance to some of my other fragrances to avoid getting tired of it.

In the glass bottle is The Ordinary 100% organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil. I love using rose oil since my skin responds well to it. This one didn't feel any different than any other that I have tried except towards the end it got a bit more milky and less transparent, I wonder If that is due to its age (I can't quite remember when I bought it but I can tell it is old). I think I already have a new bottle and I will continue using it. 

Last is Catrice ultra last fixing spray and this one is the best I have ever tried, if applied enough it feels like a hair spray on my skin. I will admit that it does feel weird but my make-up last the longest. It is a product that I will buy for as long as they will make (I already purchased three backups).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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