24 September 2016

Silk proteins


today I would like to continue with the hair care. I already reviewed the oil from this line and now it is the time to talk about the shampoo and conditioner. As mentioned Avon decided to repackage the entire AT line and among the new tubes I can't find these two products, are they leaving for good?

So, Avon Advance Techniques Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner are presented on the photo.
The scent is typical and lovely. I started to use them at the same time and my hair looked a bit greasy and unruly, especially toward the ends. Something was weighting them down and they constantly looked frizzy just like if I was living in a very humid environment, which I don't.
Next time I skipped the conditioner and my hair looked like usual self, apparently I was using to much conditioner, I never thought that this is possible. Twice I have used only the shampoo and it cleansed my hair and also gave them some shine. When they dried they felt soft, silky and completely straight (my natural hair texture is pretty flat but sometimes they get an accidental  curl while asleep, when using this shampoo on its own there were no curls). Now I use just a little bit of conditioner after shampooing my hair twice and it is fine but I am not happy about it because I can't see the difference if I use it or not.
If this duo would still be available I might pick another tube of shampoo but definitely not the conditioner, it doesn't do much for my hair.

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