28 September 2016

Urban Bliss


it was last week when I was chatting about these Color Trend lip glosses. My main focus was purple/mauve tone but today I have another one from the same line. The color is also rather unusual and hard to find among other brands.

Avon Color Trend lip gloss in the shade Urban Bliss. The packaging is typical with a doe foot applicator and white cap. Bottle contains 6 ml of product.

The color is caramel nude with a strong but very small golden shimmer. It looks like it is made out of little sparkles. I prefer my lip products to be shimmer free but this one has such small particles that they don't bother me that much.

It has the same warm vanilla scent as the other shade and it wears off nicely. Because it contains a lot of shimmer it tends to stay on the lips after the shine is gone but that only makes it more opaque with the next layer.
This warm tone didn't suit me that much but I liked to use more neutral nude lipstick underneath and it looked very pretty. Not that long time ago I tried mixing it with another lip gloss (bright coral which I don't feel totally comfortable wearing it on its own) and that was my favorite combination.
I manged to use up half of  the product but unfortunately the scent changed (I have it for over three years now, so it was expected to die soon). I was forced to toss it before finishing it up (I hope I will learn something from this and stop buying new lip products until I use up at least half of what I have).
I liked this color but it wasn't my favorite so probably I won't repurchase it but I would like to try some more shades from this lovely range of lip glosses. Low price doesn't always mean that the product is crap.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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