14 September 2016

new Avon products


days are flying by so fast, way to fast in my opinion, don't you think?
Another Avon campaign has finished and again I had to order some goodies for my self.

Avon AT oils were on sale because the entire AT line will get repackaged and since I couldn't find this Silky Smooth line in next brochures I ordered two backups (yes, I love this oil, I'm already planing to dedicate whole post about it so check it out). Imagine my surprise when they arrived in the new design, I thought they will be gone (I still can't find shampoo and conditioner from this line so if you like it get backups but no worries about the oils).

The other product is a brand new one and it belongs under Anew clinical line and it is advanced resurfacing peel. Inside the box there are 30 pads soaked with 10% glycolic acid which works as a chemical scrub. You're supposed to use them on the clean face every second day and it promises more clear and smoother skin, we will see.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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