15 September 2016



it is time to get rid of some empty packaging. In this one I have some awesome and some so-so products.

First we have an old Avon Color Trend blue mascara in Cobalt Cabaret (color of the lid matched the color of the product). I purchased it to have some fun and it was back in the days when I wasn't wearing any eye shadows. I remember I wore it on several occasions and when the light hit my lashes people noticed. Everyone was so surprised and almost shocked to see an unexpected pop of color. Now I'm older and I prefer to play with eye shadows so I don't think I will repurchase it again but you never know.

Next is Krasna body lotion with lavender, cedar and lemon. I talked and raved about it here. I absolutely love this product. I liked the scent, moisture, packaging just the price could be a bit lower. I think I will repurchase it again but first I have to go through at least 10 other moisturizers and get my hands on some coupons to buy it cheaper.

Black tube is Avon AT supreme oils with nutri 5 complex luxuriously nourished intense radiance treatment (could they make this name even longer?). I talked about the gorgeous scent this line has but using this treatment after using up the conditioner from the same line I haven't really noticed any difference. On my hair conditioner with 250 ml performed the same as this little 50 ml tube of 'treatment', the price however is almost the same or sometimes the treatment is even more expensive. I definitely won't repurchase it again.

Last year I purchased Avon Color Trend Glossy Rose lipstick and this year Rose came to an end. I swatched it here. It was moisturizing my lips but continuously reapplying it through the day it made the color stand out more and I just don't appreciate pale frosty lips. I pared it with lip glosses or wore it at home when no one could saw me.

The last item is also from Avon and it is nail experts vitamin C cuticle cream. I remember they were promoting an orange next to it so I was expecting to have citrus scent but it was actually unscented, what a bummer but the cream worked so I didn't pout for too long. It was a gel texture with some random orange beads in them which would melt while rubbing and massaging it into the skin. I used a little at the time because it was really efficient and non greasy, this little 15 ml tube lasted me for years and I'm bummed that it is no longer available. (There is cuticle cream in a white tube available and I had this one years ago and it stink like raw plastic, I don't recommend it).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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