05 June 2018

Rosey Glitz


for today's post I have the 'new' Essence lipstick which replaced one of my all time favorite lipstick lines from them, the Sheer & Shine ones. I was devastated when I discovered that they will retire them and come out with something new, I hoped that they will be the same thing just in the different packaging but I think they did change the formula and are different.

Essence call them Colour up! Shine on! and when I was venturing into the store and wanted to try one of them I picked this shade but at the end I decided not to take it because I have plenty of lipsticks and I wanted to wait for the reviews to come out. A week later Essence PR team contacted me if I want to try some of their new products (that was back in January) and among the things was also this lipstick in the exact shade I was looking at the store so I said yes. Sometimes the stars align... the shade is Rosey Glitz.

To be honest Rosey Glitz doesn't match to the name in my opinion. The lipstick itself is warm brown and has zero shimmer or glitter. To me it looks a bit too brown in the tube but since the formula is sheer the color doesn't translate so obviously onto the lips.

The shape is uniquely slanted, it was hard to make nice swatches on the back of my hand but the shape hugs the lips perfectly and it is very nice to use.

Here is the blah swatch but I think you get to see the sheer color and how glossy it is. It does remind me of tinted lip balms and that is the formula that I love. It feels so good on my lips, moisturizing (after wearing it all day long without and lip balm my lips still felt taken care of and smooth so I think it has nourishing properties and can completely replace balms).

On the lips it looks modest since it give just a little bit of color (there are more shades to choose from, some are more unique) and plenty of shine. Compared to the older Sheer & Shine line these newer ones are more sheer (judging from the only one that I have but I have three of the S&S ones) and also glossier. The moisturizing properties are similar and they both feel very pleasant on my lips.

So if you are looking for something long lasting and pigmented these of course aren't for you but if you are more easy going and like something more creamy/glossy I would urge you to try these.

The bullet shape is also very interesting and the moment I saw them they reminded me of their nail polishes and somehow I think they look alien like (is it just me?). Cute packaging but a little bulkier than the older S&S line which didn't take any extra space.

The last bit I would like to talk is the scent/taste. They have caramel like scent but also something fruity mixed in, it is hard to explain but I don't think I have any other lip products that would come close to it. It is not very strong and once it is on the lips you can't smell it but you can taste it, I often catch myself licking it because it tastes so good ;)

I don't think I will have any trouble of using it all up since this baby has become one of my favorite, it definitely rivals their cousins from the S&S line and in my opinion Essence did splendid job at formulating these. I will grab some more of them to last me all Summer long and I will have to grab some for my mom and my sister, I know they will both love them as well.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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