10 June 2018



I'm back with some more L.O.V. love. I still can't get over the fact that this brand is gone but at the same time I'm curious with what they will fill up the empty shelf...

This eye shadow was on my radar as soon as I saw first swatches and I just couldn't wait till we get it and I was more than happy to pay the full price of whooping 10 € for it. It is one of their magnetic loose eye shadows in the Metal-fusion shade.

It comes in a glass pot with protective seal to prevent it from drying out. By no means this is a loose shadow, if you flip it around nothing will fall out but it does look cool with the stripes right? They give you the 3D effect but I swear it is just an optical illusion. I think that is due to the magnetic particles.

 It has some serious sparkles and in person is way more shimmery as it looks here.

All the swatches were made with just one swipe and they immediately tell you how pigmented this magnetic shadow is but the texture is a mistery.

It feels so soft like velvet and mushy like the creamiest mousse. I always apply it with my fingers (I like to use something more matte as a base all over the lid and up in the crease and then I tap this baby on the lid) it feels like a sin if I would use my brushes for it.

Here I tried to make a more 'sheer' swatch and the almost glossy effect that the shimmer gives is even more obvious but I  tried to show you the tone of this brown shade which is far from being boring. It has some purple undertones which is something I'm usually not interested in but combined with this rich chocolate hue it is  gorgeous. Probably one of the reasons why I like it so much is because it is not too overpowering and it only gives a hint of purple richness.

I like it so much that I bought another one while on sale for my sister (in the exact same shade) and she is also in love. The fun zebra pattern, mousse texture, insane shimmer and gorgeous color and all the factors that make this little pot well worth 10 € price tag. I wish they would make more subtle shades... who am I kidding. Now it really doesn't matter if they come out with more 'me' shades but then again, Austria isn't that far away...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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