01 June 2018

face palettes


for today's post I decided to spice things up and show you something I had for quite a while now but since it still excites me and I love wearing products from both palettes I think they deserve a chance on my blog plus I already took photos of them on the day I purchased them.

They are the Trend It Up face contouring palettes. The first, top one is all matte and second is shimmery, full of highlighters.

The colors look nice, natural and I got them on sale so of course I picked up both, one don't just pass on such a good sale.

Lets start with the original all matte one first.
They made it easy even for the dummies, the names or should I say the purpose of using is imprinted on the actual product.

The half missing pan of contour powder (that happens when you are too excited to take photos and then start using it before you check the pics and you didn't notice that something is missing...) is just perfect. It is cool toned to naturally mimic the shades.
Bronze can be a little tricky since it is very warm but with a light hand it is manageable.
Th highlight shade is yellow toned without and shimmer or sheen but I guess if you have slightly darker skin tone it will look lighter, on my pale complexion it just blends in and I use it as a face powder. A bit of a fail but at least I found some good use for it.
This palette is pigmented but very powdery so I'm guessing with a constant use I will get through the powders rather quickly.

Next is this beautiful shimmery palette with three gorgeous highlighters.

First 'contour' shade is too dark for me but as a bronzer/blush topper is nice or on the eyes it is magical. It is very warm, orange-y bronze with some unique pink reflex which was impossible to capture on the camera, you will just have to trust me.
Glow is 'typical' golden one which isn't too yellow so it can look natural even on lighter skin tones.

The last, highlight shade is my favorite. It is not completely white but natural cream toned even though on the skin it is blinding (not that the other two aren't super reflective).

So here they are all swatched together and the difference between cool toned contour and warm bronzer is obvious.

The matte highlighter here comes very yellow because I packed it on so it becomes visible. I use soft kabuki brush and gently disperse it all over my face so the color doesn't even show.

I think that the shimmery palette steals the show here. They can be applied gently but if you don't slack they are the 'seen from the out of space' kind of highlighters. There are no chunky glitters just beautiful shine also the formula here is different, they aren't powdery but rather feel creamy even though they are powders.

Huh, that was a long one but that happens when you really like something, you just want to talk about it and recommend it to everyone. If you have an option I would urge you try them out the next time you are at the store, you won't regret it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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