14 June 2018

Sun - kissed bronze


it is finally the time to talk about this bronzer. I had the 'previous version' which was way too orange for me so when I saw that they came out with new and revamped version I jumped on it (that was last year at the end of Summer, so this one has been sitting in my collection for almost one year).

It is Catrice Sun Lover glow bronzing powder in the one and only shade Sun - kissed bronze.

The 'pattern' looks random but all of them were the same so after all it isn't so random ;)
I still find it appealing and marbled design always pulls me in.

It looks much darker and more brown than the older one which was lighter but orange on me. I had such high hopes for it...

It has some shimmer but I think it gives a nice glow, I prefer some shimmer to catch the light anyways but I guess not everyone likes that. On the swatches you can clearly see how orange it pulls one me.

I thought that with a light hand... it doesn't work. The color itself is pretty dark for my light complexion so sheering it out is just not possible. I tried to make it work but I never felt good wearing it.

It was sitting in my collection for way too long and now it is time to part with it. I would't recommend it for pale people but Essence has a lovely one in their collection about which I will talk soon (the Mosaic one).
I decided to give it away to a friend and I think she will be able to rock it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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