18 June 2018

Devoted to Nudes


I'm still not done with L.O.V. products and I have quite a few more to show. For today's post I decided to pick the eye shadow palette. First of all it is the very unique packaging. It is rubbery and if you like to pick shadows with your fingers this packaging will tell but at the same time it is easy to clean so we are good.

L.O.V. Eyevolution Luxurious eye shadow palette in Devoted to Nudes color scheme.
From far it almost looks like an animal print but this unfinished circle is their emblem so I think it is very nice how they implemented it into the packaging.

There are more color options to choose from (some of them are online exclusives) and I think I picked up the safest option but hey, I know I will wear it.

Lately I have been digging murky green shades (I don't wear them that often but I still love them) and this one is a great one. A little cooler but still light enough so it looks day time appropriate.

Shade next to it I think is the most unique. It is so hard to describe and even photos don't do it enough of justice. It is a mix of green and silver, not too silvery and cool maybe a little taupe thrown in there. This one is definitely my favorite but all the others come close second.

The middle shade is peachy/pink and something a year ago I wouldn't touch but since I started experimenting more I figure it out that if this type of shade is shimmery and close to my skin tone it makes my eyes just a pinch more blue without looking to obviously. If I layer it over darker browns (like the last shade in the palette) it stands out more but if I use it alone it just gives a little bit of a twinkle on more casual days.

Second to last is a warm bronze shade which has a lot of orange in it. I do love my bronzes but I prefer them to be more neutral or almost cool toned for that reason it is fairly unique in my stash. It is the kind of color that makes green or blue eyes stand out even more but I noticed if you are as pale as me it can look a bit harsh against milk white skin but I learned to put a softer brown down as a base and then I just pop a little bit of this one in the center of the lid (a soft halo eye) and I still get that focus and bright blue eye without being too harsh or being too much.

The very last shade is a deep and neutral brown, it also has a different finish. All the other shades are very shimmery while this one is closer to the matte territory but still not completely matte. It is also very pigmented (bronze shade is also very intense) and I have to be careful not to apply too much.

You don't get any unnecessary brushes but you do get a big mirror. I'm not 100% if my mirror is fine, I can't even explain it but whenever I check myself in it my face looks weird like in one of those mirror optical illusions but it is not so extreme. I don't even know what it does but it does something, I think it is more obviously when I try to capture my whole face in it. It doesn't obviously distort my features but something looks off. Again I don't know if all of the mirrors are like that or I just got a weirdo.

Now on to some swatches. They are all very shimmery just the last one is a little less glowy but still on the shimmery side.

The first green shade isn't as green as I was expecting it to be. I still think it is pretty and maybe like that it is even more wearable. I definitely noticed that I reach for it more often than some other greens.

Second taupey silver shade looks a bit pale here but in real life it is gorgeous. I do like my eye shadows to be close to my skin so they aren't too obvious especially with this type of finish because when the light hits it they sparkle like second sun.

Next peachy/pink shade is almost lost on my arm but trust me it is there. It is great for some of those barely there make-up looks when I use something lighter in my inner corners and then just this one all over the lid and plenty of mascara. If I would show you this palette after one year of use I bet this third shade would be the most used one in the entire palette.

All of the colors are very pigmented no matter if I use them with my fingers or brushes.
This palette costs 15 € but I bought it on sale for 10 € and that is not a bad price for five shadows (when you break it down like that this palette is cheaper than five Catrice singles) plus I like all of the shades which is something rare. I know I will use the first three the most but the last two aren't to shabby and I can make beautiful looks mix  and matching all of them together.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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