30 June 2018



my vacation is coming and I would like to finish up as much as possible. This time I don't have much but I split it into face and body care even though at the first glance it might not look like that...

Mixa soothing toner optimal tolerance for reactive and sensitive skin was with me for a really long time. The big 200 ml bottle lasted me for months and I haven't notice anything special about it. I liked the pump but the products itself was nothing to talk about. I'm already using something new and I don't miss it.

L'oreal micellar water has become a staple. This is the 'new' bottle, previous one was squared and this one is round and much bigger (400 ml) so it also just like the toner, last for a long time. I liked it because it effectively removed all of the remains of my make-up but right now I'm using a different brand because I wanted a change but most probably I will repurchase it.

The third product is Avon foot works Vanilla Berry exfoliating scrub which is meant for feet but I always use them on my face. I get the LE scented ones so they make my routine a bit different. This one smells nice of berries but the formula is different. They usually are packed with rough particles which effectively removes all dead skin but this one felt like the particles are more round and more gentle which is good in theory so that way I'm not damaging my skin too much but the negative side is that it felt like rubbing my skin with moisturizer. I used it up pretty fast and I'm about to use a Coconut scented one and I hope that the formula is the 'old' one.

The tube is Avon naturals sensational Wild Berries and Pomegranate creamy yoghurt scrub. The scent really reminds me of fruity youghurt and the texture is rich and creamy with actual seed irregular shapes and sizes so they look real and I do believe they come from the actual fruit mentioned before. It really is a nice product but I still prefer my big 'horse' brush (it is round and has a strap to put your hand through, just like the ones people use brushing their horses with) which leaves no residue in my shower ;) but I will have to get the lotion in the same scent because it is so very good.

Avon after sun soothing body butter is the very last item finished this month and even though I haven't been on a vacation and wasn't exposing my pale body to the almighty Sun I used it at night to nourish my body and give me that real Summer feeling (right now it is raining outside and all in all we are having a crappy Summer so far). I liked it but it was a bit thick which probably isn't the best in the hot climate but thankfully we are having pretty cold weather so I wasn't bothered by it. The scent remind me of raw Cocoa butter with a fake Coconut scent but it wasn't to bad, very tropical and happy.

I hope that the temperatures will rise again and we will be able to enjoy in the real Summer and use up some sun lotions with high SPF ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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