10 July 2018

more Trend it up


I feel like I haven't done one of these in a long time. Splurging on make-up, not so much on the high price tag but I mean more on the quantity. I definitely didn't need all that but I wanted and that was good enough for me ;)

I don't have a lot from Trend it up and the latest LE caught my attention plus some discontinued/older products hooped in my basket.

Electric Valley is the most current collection and I wanted quite a few products but I managed to hold myself back a bit.
First is oh so gorgeous baked blush in the 010 shade, there is also darker one which also looked great but maybe a bit dark, there were no samples so I couldn't test it out.
The periwinkle 030 nail polish is just the color I was looking for but this one has some golden shimmer in it, I'm curious how it will turn out.
The last item from this collection is one out of the four cream lipstick. I decided to get the warm red 010 shade which will be great with some tan (which I don't have yet but I hope I will get some ;).

The other two items were on sale. The glittery  nail varnish is also called 030 and the blue sparks demanded my attention.
The very last item is radiant highlighter and try to guess the shade. Yep, 030. It is pink toned and very different from all the rest that I own plush it was still pristine so I had to take it.

This new bunch of make-up will be featured in details very soon. I can't wait.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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