28 July 2018

Tempting Grape and Addicting Rosewood


on my blog you will rarely see long lasting matte lip products only because I specialize in lip gloss, lip balms and creamier shinier lipsticks. The crown goes to glosses which are my favorite and todays special is a good one.

L.O.V. caring volume gloss is the second one from their line that I own and that alone tells you that I love them. This one is named Addicting Rosewood.

It is a cool toned brown nude, it almost looks like it has some grey in, it is such a strange color but on the lips it works.

It doesn't have any shimmer just wet shine makes my lips appear a bit larger.

Tempting Grape is a shade I picked up first and it is a bit brighter medium pink while Addicting Rosewood calms down my natural coloring and whenever I use it I can play up on my eyes.

Tempting Grape has some small shimmer which is barely visible and like I said Addicting Rosewood is shimmer free.

The scent is barely there but it is more of a plasticky and nothing too sweet or pleasant, it fades away quickly so I don't mind it. I like how glossy and juicy they look and last a bit longer then the average glosses. These two have become some of my favorite ones unfortunately they are no longer available in my country. Essence Shine, Shine, Shine glosses comes close and they are still available, well some wonderful shades will say goodbye soon and I will have to stock up ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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