26 July 2018

Project Polish


it is that time again when I'm getting rid of of some nail polishes.
This time around I used up one and gave away two bottles.

Essence My wish list is a pale opaque pink which I fell in love with and I need to find a dupe.
Avon Gunmetal is super old but the formula is still surprisingly good but I decided to give it to my sister because I have a lot of grey varnishes.
Dusty lavender Manhattan 61V is also still in a pretty good shape, it is not as old as the Avon one but still. I also gave it to my sister because she loves Manhattan formula and I have plenty of lavender ones that I just like better.

 My wish list comes across as a off white color but it is in fact pale pink and very chic looking on the nails.

Gunmetal is shimmery and very pretty, I had zero issues with it. Avon varnishes really do last.

The very last Manhattan is also cream with a lot of muddiness in it, I prefer my lavenders to be brighter and more cheerful.

I'm glad that I have a bit less bottles in my stash and I hope I will continue with this pace till the end of the year.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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