16 July 2018



if we are particular I'm already one day behind but since July has more days I think I'm okay. Anyways, no matter the day it is time to get rid of some empty products.

First is La Petit Marseiliais Peach and Mandarin body wash. It was more on the liquid side so I used it up pretty fast. In the past I had Lavender and Peony scents and I liked them better. This one had a bit of plastic scent thrown in the mix and it wasn't so enjoyable but sill good enough to use it up.

Alverde Mint and Berry lip balm was very average balm for me. The scent wasn't minty enough for me and moisturizing  properties were very low. The texture was light so I had to rub it a couple of times to cover my lips with it and even then I had to reapply every thirty minutes. Not worth it, I had better ones for as cheap as this one.

Avon TTA Today for him after shave conditioner was part of a set (perfume and body wash/shampoo). In the past I loved men colognes on myself and this one smelled so nice when I rubbed the scented page. When it finally arrived I was a bit disappointed since it doesn't smell so awesome on me and since I completely forgot about it. I decided to go through this lotion and massage it into my body, the tube only holds 100 ml and it was done pretty fast. I used it on my freshly shaven legs and it didn't burn so I guess it is also okay to use on the shaven faces but I'm not trying that  ;)

Next is Neutrogena visibly clear face wash. I liked the pump and the texture is perfect for it. One pump however was enough to wash my entire face but some make-up was still there so I had to use coconut oil first and then this one to completely remove my 'mask' but in the mornings it was okay to use it on its own. I liked it but I have some others that I need to go through (Himalaya Neem foaming  wash is in the current rotation and this bright green liquid removes everything without any irritations).

Skin 79 V.I.P. Gold BB cream is an oldie but such a good BB. The color is great for my complexion, it stays a bit dewy and the coverage is superb (in my opinion even better than the more popular hot pink sister). I'm trying to use all of them up before buying more since they are getting old and I don't use them as much as I used to, they have been replace by matte L'oreal foundation that I like even better but on more casual days I like to use BB creams.

Neutrogena visibly clear face cream is my staple. I don't remember if this is my third or fourth tube already. I love the light texture which absorbs into my skin fast and hydrates it very well. It leaves almost matte feeling on the skin and it is great for oilier skin types. I will buy it for as long as they will have it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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