24 July 2018

Trend it up shadows


Trend It Up brand is present for a long time now and still I haven't tried a whole lot from them. The prices are similar to Essence or Catrice which are two of my favorite brands anyways. So far everything that I have tried from this German brand was great and the eye shadows I will discuss today are something I would recommend anytime.

These are the most 'basic' ones that they make (the more 'special' you can find here and here) but they still pack a punch.

Brown one is 060 and golden one is named 010. They are the most neutral and very basic looking but that is what I like so picking them was natural for me.

The 070 is a very special silver and 080 is silver/blue. Both of them are very hard to describe, when you will see the swatches you will see it too.

Dark brown with red undertone is 067 and matte mauve is 110. For these two I went really out of my comfort zone and I'm glad to report that we are getting along just fine.

Here they are in all of their glory. The first four have some shimmer, second to last is matte and the very last one has rather unique finish. The color itself is almost matte but when you apply more you can see it is metallic and it shifts red, very beautiful but unfortunately I don't pack my shadows so much because I prefer lighter, softer colors so this sheen is not seen on my eyes.

The bronze shade 060 looks warmer and more orange toned on my complexion it is not my favorite tone but it does stand out in my collection.
The other neutral 010 color is a bit more yellow that I expected, I prefer my golds to be less yellow but I still like it.

The 070 here looks more greyish brown, cool toned brown and is very unique and special.
080 pulls almost purple next to it and is also very very beautiful. I figure it out that I use these two guys the most out of them and it is all because of their interesting coloring and beautiful shimmery finish.

Mauve 067 don't swatch that well but I swear that on the eyes it is lovely (applied with a brush over a primer), I love using it all over the lid and blend it up in the crease when I don't want to wear typical brown or grey. This baby is also in a fast rotation.
The last one is 110 eye shadow which is dark with a nice warm undertone. Like I mentioned I don't pack it on like I did for the swatch and with a lighter hand it is more of a medium brown, nice to warm up the look.

They are not particularly powdery and apply nicely. For my looks they are pigmented enough and I like to use them. So far they have been a real success and I can't wait to get some more, I'm eyeing the crystal ones...

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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