30 July 2018

Get picture ready!


this one is long overdue I know, I know but the palette is too good not to share. I remember I got mine a month or two before they announced it's leaving the range and when it was just 99 cents I got another one for my sister because I liked it and she ended up loving it.

It is Essence get picture ready palette with seven neutrals with a twist inside.

I really love all of the shades which is rare and I feel like I can do so many looks with it plus it has a big mirror and double ended brush. Sponge tip applicator actually comes handy for applying lighter colors on the inner corners or to pick the fifth glittery shade (most of the larger particles are only on the top of the pan, the deeper you go the better it gets). The brush on the other side is small so patting the shadow all over the lid with it would take ages so I also use it for my inner corners when the sponge is dirty.

First three shades are all lighter and very similar on the skin which you will see on the swatches. I use all of them as my inner corner illuminators or the trick is to put them over darker base and then you can see the different undertones and their beauty really comes into eyesight.

Fourth shade is a perfect taupe. It is neutral rather on the cool side than warm and it is nether brown or grey which I think is great for such palette where you have warmer and cooler tones.

Fifth shade is the warm bronze with intense glitter but only on the surface. Glitter tends to fall down so sweeping the cheeks is mandatory or you can do the rest of the face later.

Second to last is a very unique and gorgeous shade in my opinion. This mauve with a purple undertone is so unusual and at first I was sceptical about it but all of my worries faded away the minute I used it. Now I can't get enough of it. I bought that single from Trend it up in 110 shade which is matte but still not so close or Terra Naturi Rosewood blush. They are close but at the same time so far away. I need to get a dupe for it before I ran out of it, any suggestions?

The very last shade is the only matte and it is actually really nice and it ties all of the shades nicely together. It is very deep espresso brown which I use to line my lid to get some definition.

Here the first three looks very similar and almost dull but I can assure you that they are the most light reflective ones.

I tried to capture the first three for so long and this is the best I can do. On a direct sunlight they shine like jewels and you can't see anything so I had to snap them in the shadow so the glow doesn't show up but at least the colors do and now you can at least see the difference.

Fourth shade has a little less obvious shimmer, more of a sateen finish and the fifth bronze one is a glittery bomb next to it.

My favorite (sixth one) is looking so pretty with that coloring and lovely sheen.

The very last is almost boring but the palette wouldn't be complete without it.

I remember checking this palette out several times before purchasing, the main reason why I was so hesitant was the selfie theme. You see I grew up back in the days when other people took photos of you to capture where you have been, what have you seen or experience not to capture perfect make-up or good hair days. This and the whole social media is not 'my thing' so a palette that is promoting this seemed like a pass for me but I decided to open up and try more things. Taking selfies is still not my strong suit but I guess I will have to learn some basics because when this post will go up I will be for the first time on a vacation by myself. All alone, without any friends or family members, it feels a bit scary but if I won't tried it I will never know if I'm capable of, right?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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