25 July 2018

more glow with Essence


let's glow with Essence, shall we? Even though this collection was a while ago it is still relevant and the highlighters that they came out? Gorgeous. You could find something for every taste. I actually accumulated quite a few of items, one of the palettes and the liquid one are in my stash.

This time I have the Essence Glow setting powder ... like a jewel on the crown (the only available shade) and one out of the three individual baked metallic highlighters in the ... like you're doing what you love shade which has a bit peachier base.

Baked metallic highlighter in the ...like you're doing what you love is simply gorgeous. It is just stunning and definitely not for the shy people, it is very intense and it is hard to make it subtle if not impossible.

Setting powder ... like a jewel on the crown has this beautiful marbled design which is completely irrelevant but oh so pretty to look at.
In the pan it doesn't look shimmery but on the skin I can spot some random golden particles which aren't too big.

On all of the swatches the highlighter is first and second is the setting powder.

Highlighter is glowing, it is very reflective even in a subtle light while the all over the face powder is more muted but it gives the skin some golden sheen and some random sparkle.

I use the baked highlighter with a light hand on my cheekbones while the setting powder is a tad too much for my taste. On the photos the sheen doesn't show but in real life I would look crazy if I would use it all over my face so I use it as a subtle golden highlighter.

The peachy tone makes the base not so overpowering and more 'natural' looking while the shimmer does the talking.
Next to it is blended powder but you can still see the golden tone on my skin. In real life I could see it even better with some golden sparkles.

I really tried to capture the true beauty of the setting powder but with no avail, my skin on the photos just looks a bit more golden and airbrushed.

Here you can see the contrast even better between the two cousins.

In a different light they both come alive and make my skin look brighter and more illuminated.

Like I mentioned I will use both of them on my cheeks as highlighters but the more showy one is definitely my favorite. The setting powder is gone but the collection wanted: sunset dreamers which is out right now have something really similar. There were no samples so I couldn't try it but the packaging, marbled design and tones looked exactly the same. If you are curious check it out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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