27 July 2018

L.O.V. your tan


as promised I'm back with some L.O.V. products. It looks like I'm celebrating their departure from our market in Slovenia but I swear I'm not. I'm sad that stuff didn't sell (at least that I think happened) but on the bright side GOSH is now replacing it (for a while now only one store in the capital carried GOSH and now the brand is more accessible).

L.O.V. HD matte bronzer in L.O.V. your tan shade jumped in my basket immediately (I have a thing with bronzers).

Inside you get a big mirror which seems fine (I had issues with their mirror in one of their eye shadow palettes) and again a beautiful print on the actual product.

It is warm with an orange undertone but not so orange that it looks fake from across the street. This shade works very well with my coloring. I personally prefer glowy cheeks so matte finish isn't a bonus for me but I can always add highlighter and 'fix' it.

At the end I decided to give it to my sister. I found one flaw with it and it bothers me so much that I know that I won't use it. I wear foundation every day and I set it down with a generous layer of powder and after that I proceed with powder cheek products. I have never had any issues until now. This one appears to cling on some parts and skip others completely so I end up looking all patchy and uneven. I gave it to my sister who doesn't use foundation and she applies it directly onto her cheeks and it looks perfect, no skipping and she is a bit paler then me and the color works for her too. You know what they say, right? Some products work, some does't you just have to find the 'right' ones. This bronzer and I just weren't meant to be.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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