19 January 2018

Trend it up eye shadows


I decided to brighten up this dull day with some warm toned eye shadows. On the swatch they look so nice together and create a lovely Autumn inspired look (I wore them a ton in that season).

They are all Trend It Up eye shadows and on their page I can't find them anymore so they are probably in the process of discontinuing, not only the shades but the entire lines will be gone but they will be replaced with very similar looking products with different names.

First is Elastic Eye Shadow in the shade 020. Creamy texture feels very nice and I apply it with my finger, pigmentation is superb, blending is easy but the color doesn't suffer in the process. It contains shimmer and I love that it is not a yellow based gold but more cream toned. It looks so simple but it quickly become on of my favorites, now I have to find another one for my sister because I know she would love it too and the taupey grey shade that I wanted initially. Even though my lids are oily this doesn't crease but I use ArtDeco base underneath. One quick mention of the great packaging, on the lid around the rim there is a soft foam that closes the pot tightly so the air doesn't stand a chance and I bet it will not dry so fast as some of the other cream shadows from other brands (Avon extralasting pots).

Next is a rather colorful choice for me but the domed shape and intense shimmer made me think of beautiful Spring beetles and I just had to have it (I'm not a big bug person but this shade really spoke to me). It is part of the Scarabeo line (I recently picked up another shade so I know that you can still find them in some remote stores) and this happy grass green shade is in the 010 color. This one is buildable, I like to apply it with my finger in the center of the lid over some brown base and just blend the edges, that can take away some shimmer but I just pop some more on top until I reach the perfect balance between natural blend and  intense shimmer. I didn't noticed any major fallout but that could be because I use fingers and not a fluffy brush.

The very last one is Metallic eye shadow in the 030 shade. This one is even more shimmery and the pigmentation is stronger that in the Scarabeo one, even blended it stays bright and not dull. I was under the impresion that this line replaced the Scarabeo one and it is better in my opinion. This shade has some dimension and is one of those that if you use it on its own it looks like you used more that just one shade because of the reflex and color shifting.

I would really suggest everyone to try them out because they are all fantastic shadows. So very cheap, they come in array of shades and finishes, are buttery soft, easy to work with and the results are lust worthy. I have eight more shadows from them and soon they will all be featured and I know that they won't be the last ones  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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