10 January 2018

Bring the Glam on


let's start the year with a bang. I wish all of you lots of happy and bright moments and good health.
I wanted to start the year with one of my favorite brands and my so called beauty resolution was to try and get outside the box with make up. The lipstick that I'm showing you today definitely thick that box.

It is Essence Counting Stars star lipstick in a shade Bring the Glam on.
The packaging is a bit bigger that what I'm used to it but the plastic is sturdy and nice.

The product itself is star shaped which adds a little something but also makes the application easier. The pointy star shape is precise so you can leave your lip brush at home.

The shade is vivid and very cool toned violet. Pigmentation is superb, two layers and you are good to go. On my swatch it looks more pink but in real life it is cooler and more purple.

Here it is applied but again it is much more lavender hued as it looks on the photo (my camera just couldn't pick the right shade up, I also looked for some swatches and no one was able to capture the actual color). It is a little creamy almost matte and very comfortable. It lasts for a very long time. Essence can really make fantastic lipsticks. Let it be sheer and glossy or more pigmented and longlasting, they nail it every single time (at least the ones I have).

The shade is to put it lightly unusual for me. My skin looks even more yellow toned and it makes me look a bit weird, I'm not sure if that is good or bad but I tried it with a little clear gloss on top. From up close you can see that it is a bit uneven but from a 'normal' perspective you can't see it and I actually like it better glossy and a little less pigmented.

I will probably give it to my sister to play with it since she is more neutral in tone and I think it will look better on her.
If their 'new' longlasting range has similar formula then I need some of the neutral shades because I love this formula.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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