21 January 2018

Boys and Girls


for today's post I have to thank Slovenian Cosnova team for sending me lots of lovely things shown below.

Boys & Girls TE will be available from February on and you are in for a treat. They will offer a lot of 'essentials' in a very attractive and cool packaging.

I receive a mega sized mattifying & fixing powder in Nobody is perfect, but I'm not nobody. I have very oily skin and so I can't wait to try this bad boy and see if it will work with my skin.

Facial Sheet masks are gaining on popularity and can quickly 'fix' your moisture level. I also love all the funny names, for instance the mask is named I'm fresh what about you? Can wait to see what will happen  ;)

In a stick there is Refreshing & Moisturizing face primer and the packaging is the same as it was in the Catrice Travelight Story one. I loved that one so much that I hoped that they will make it permanent, so far they haven't done it but this one looks like it could be the same thing. The name of it is I'm fresher than you!

The very last item on the photo is Camouflage Cream concealer with two shades. I know Essence used to have similar product but I never picked it up because I'm not too keen on the idea of mixing my perfect shade every morning but if you are struggling to get that perfect shade this could be a match for you. It is called I woke up like this - flawless! but unfortunately it is only available in one color way. I will report back after I try it out.

For me the most interesting TE are the ones with make-up, these essentials can look boring at the first glance but I have come around and realize that if the base is perfect you can build from there on. The only bad thing is that if you find a holy grail that you will want to repurchase it till the day you die (if I'm being a little melodramatic) it will be gone. I hope that the brand is just testing the waters with these products and if they will sell well or receive good feedback they will make them permanent, let us all cross our fingers but till then I will test them out and let you know which products deserve to be permanent in my opinion.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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